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Eco Friendly landscapes for Commercial and Residential properties in the Seattle and Puget Sound area.Maintenance, Clean Ups, Installations, and Stone Work. All Organic Fertilizers.
We at Green Earth Lawn & Landscape, LLC are dedicated to quality service and care of your landscaping needs.  We take the "Green" approach to landscaping.  Too many chemicals used in our environment over the years, have caused many harmful environmental and health issues for all living things.

Choosing a variety of native plants,  will  encourage a more abundant and healthy landscape. This philosophy also helps to prevent pest and disease devastation.

Design - Maintenance - Installation

Pest management can be maintained in a less harmful
way for our environment. Soil that is
balanced in

Eco Friendly Landscapes

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minerals and nutrients will feed your plants, grasses,
shrubs, and trees to maintain healthy foliage and color.  In order to conserve water , we encourage the design of beds including more draught tolerant plants incorportated in and around lawn areas.  Proper drainage is also extremely important.  Fertilization and mulch not only will help sustain a healthy landscape but will save you some extra money in the long run. 

We use all organic fertilizers and the safest methods possible
for weed and moss control.  Ask us about organic treatments.