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About Green Earth Lawn & Landscape, LLC

Green Earth Lawn & Landscape, LLC is operated by an experienced Certified Landscape Technician (CLT). This is a certification given by WALP (Washington Association of Landscape Professionals) to a select few. The following are some of the ways that we differ from other landscape companies:

  • We offer expertise in pruning, maintenance, and installations
  • We are competitive in our pricing while we maintain our values as a responsible and eco friendly landscape company
  • We use organic fertilizers
  • We use the safest methods possible for weed and moss control 
  • We compost 99% or our debris
  • We research and invest in tools that meet strict EPA standards 
  • Our diesel trucks run on bio-diesel fuel primarily from locally owned Dr. Dan's and Standard Bio-Diesel. A large portion of the fuel is made from discarded restaurant vegetable oil.  This is not only better for our environment but also better for our local economy
  • We believe that WashPirg and The Sierra Club are stewards for our environment and we make monthly donations to these organizations
  • To cut down on paper use, we offer invoices by email 
  • We hire only seasoned, professional landscapers
  • Licensed, Bonded & Insured  GREENEL963DT

Todd Bricker, CLT
Green Earth Lawn & Landscape, LLC 

Over 12  years experience as a professional in landscape management, maintenance, and installations.