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General Landscaping Maintenance by Month

January – General cleanup.  Do not plant in frozen temperatures or frozen ground.  Light pruning and no tender growth in freezing weather.  Prune trees.  General maintenance.

February – Cleanup.  Start aggressively attacking weeds.  Prune roses in late Feb.  You can prune trees and shrubs but be careful not to prune off flower buds before they bloom.  Prune and shape flowering shrubs after they bloom.  Plant flowers mid to late Feb. 4-6 weeks.  Start moss control.

March – Spring cleanup.  Remove/terminate weeds.  Mulch beds.  Fertilize trees and shrubs.  Thatch, aerate, and over seed lawns.  Lime, de-moss and fertilize turf.  Remove spent leaves off of bulbs.  Deadhead spent blooms on flowers.  Plant trees and shrubs, etc.  Treat for crane flies and red thread.  Check for diseases and insects.

April – Start up irrigation (This needs to be done by mid May ).  Keep on top of weeds.  Mulch beds. Start mowing every other week.  Deadhead spent blooms.  Plant trees, shrubs and new lawns. Plant color starting in later part of the month.

May – Remove/terminate weeds.  Mulch beds.  Shape shrubs before deadheading. Deadhead spent blooms (flowers).  Plant trees, shrubs, and new lawns.  Continue planting color through May.  The grass is growing very fast.  Mow weekly.  Check irrigation clocks before hot weather.  Look for dry areas in lawns and beds.  Record problem areas for the irrigation specialist to repair.   

June – Fertilize turf . Mow weekly.  Remove/terminate weeds.  Mulch beds.  Check irrigation clocks before hot weather and record problem areas for the irrigation specialist to repair.  Look for dry areas in lawns and beds. Deadhead and shape shrubs and flowers.

July – Proper irrigation is a MUST.  Check clocks and mow weekly.  Spray weeds.  Mulch beds.  DO NOT plant trees and shrubs unless necessary and irrigated properly.

August – Check irrigation weekly.  Mow weekly.  Remove/terminate weeds weekly.  Feed old flowers.  Keep flowers deadheaded.  Check for powder mildew and aphids.  Prune. Do not plant trees or shrubs unless necessary.  Plant color at end of month.

September - Fertilize turf.  Remove/terminate weeds.  Plant shrubs, trees and ground cover if properly irrigated.  Mulch beds.  Mow weekly.  Fertilize shrubs if needed.  Plant bulbs.  Divide perennials.  Rake and remove leaves.

October – By Nov. 1st, start shutdown on irrigation as weather permits. Rake beds. Remove/terminate weeds.  Fall cleanup.  Prune.   Plant bulbs.  Divide perennials.  Cover faucets before first frost.  Grass growth is slowing down. Mow every other week.

November – Prune deciduous plants.  Rake leaves.   Weed control.  One last mow if needed.  Protect tender plants from frost.  No new tender growth on plants. Cleanup entrances and walkways for the holidays.

December – No planting if possible.  Prune deciduous trees and shrubs.  Cleanup entrances and walkways  for the holidays.  

*This information is based on average seasonal trends and may vary due to adverse weather conditions