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Maintenance Services

Turf Care - Turf will be maintained so that a "cared for appearance" is generated. Mowing will be to indicated by type, health condition and seasonal requirements of the sod.  Turf will be mowed on a scheduled basis. Clipping shall be removed from sidewalks, gutters and drives.

Pruning - All trees and plants will be pruned to maintain health, growth, coverage and visual appeal. Any trees over 12 feet high that are not included as part of our regular service, must be contracted out separately. Materials for guying and staking shall be billed separately with prior approval.

Edging - The edging of planting beds, curbs and driveways will be performed every other week unless otherwise specified for the individual site.

Bed Work - The ground mulch will be raked on a regular basis to maintain a "cared for" appearance. Beds are to be kept reasonably weed free and cleaned of leaves. Debris in the landscaped areas will be removed. Any debris that requires removal from areas adjacent to the landscaped areas (i.e. driveways or parking lots) must be specified in the service agreement.

Fertilizers - We use organic fertilizers. The cost of fertilizer fluctuates and is billed separately from monthly fee unless the client has other preferences. Lawn fertilization will be done four to six times a year. Shrub and tree fertilization will be done in accordance with the specifications of the chosen fertilizers as well as what is indicated by the seasonal requirements and conditions of the shrubs, trees, lawn and soil.

Irrigation systems - Irrigation programming is adjusted on an as needed basis and is a regular part of the maintenance service. All other irrigation system services will be performed and billed on a time and materials basis. Repairs, preventative maintenance, winterizing, spring start-up and upgrading should be coordinated with the Exterior Service Manager to clarify types of work required and billing procedures. Green Earth Lawn & Landscape, LLC is not responsible for damage to irrigation systems due to weather or other "acts of nature."

Insurance - Contractor shall maintain full liability, property and worker's compensation insurance. Certificates of insurance are available to the owner or owner's agent upon acceptance of contract agreement.